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A self-evident truth that requires no proof ... A universally accepted principle or rule ... 



(Our Quality)


Our Carrom Boards are made with quality hard wood that will provide the best rebound quality ensuring an overall pleasurable playing experience. We ensure the wood is properly seasoned before we put it to use.  In the last 3 decades of our manufacturing operations, we've continually refined our manufacturing process(and continue to do so till date) and identified materials that are most reliable and durable in the long run.

The playing surface is hand prepared(sanded with various grits) until the desired surface smoothness is achieved, We then apply a series of proprietary coatings to further improve the surface area. All this is accomplished manually until a smooth and responsive playing surface is achieved.

This manual manufacturing process is why our Carrom Boards perform better than our competitors and the reason why they may be slightly expensive in comparison to other brands.

We have seen certain competitor brands project their products as being 'Water Proof' ⁽¹⁾, this is a misleading term, We instead classify our Carrom boards as being 'Water-Resistant' ⁽²⁾.⁽³⁾.⁽⁴⁾.


CARROMMEN(Carrom Coins) :

Over the course of time we have experimented with many types of woods in order to identify the best and most suitable wood for manufacturing Carrommen (carrom coins). Besides uniformity and consistencies in diameter and thickness, Players and Champions look for 2 primary characteristics in an ideal Carrommen Set. ... In terms of 'Quality of Play' ... they prefer carrommen that are heavier, in comparison to the lighter one's, so the carrommen can stay grounded(not fly out of the board) during the play. The second quality they look in a carrommen set is its aesthetics(visual appeal), they prefer a visually appealing wood finish with all its natural wood grain, for it brings a sense of aesthetics to this elegant game of Carrom.

In our experience spanning over 3 decades we've identified 3 types of wood ...

The first one for the  premium carrommen category, we've identified a certain hard-to-find dark-grained wood(name concealed to maintain trade advantage) which has higher density, which translates to a heavier carrommen.

The second type of wood(name concealed to maintain trade advantage) is identified and selected for aesthetic reasons, for its visual appeal. This wood finishes to a shine with a yellowish hue that lends it a shiny golden finish.

The third type of wood, especially for the more economical entry level carrom boards, we have identified the commonly available 'Nilgiri' wood most suitable. This wood yields durable carrommen, but they are lighter in weight hence only suitable for the entry level segment.

All the 3 types of wood undergo the exact same manufacturing process, as a result the manufacturing quality is uniform and consistent in terms of its shape and finish across all three types. The resulting finish and its individual characteristics in its final finish is what differentiates it from one another.

 ⁽¹⁾.'Water Proof' - is a misleading 'term' /slash/ 'classification'. anything wood almost always 'is' and 'will be' in the danger of getting damaged when it comes in contact with water. We broadly use the same surface prepping compounds(along with additional proprietary formulas) as our competitors, but we try to be accurate in our claims hence the clarification.. 

⁽²⁾. Water-Resistant - any accidental spillage of water will not damage the playing area If you quickly wipe/soak the liquid out, ensuring it does not drip out of the 4 pockets holes.

⁽³⁾. Water-Resistance is limited only to the 'Playing Area' which includes the 'playing surface'  the 'rebound bases' on 4 all sides.

⁽⁴⁾. Note: depending on the color and type of spilled liquid(non-water), the boards could get discolored, Also, if the liquid were to be 'hot' then that could weaken the affected area reducing its lifespan.

⁽⁵⁾. ⁽⁶⁾. ⁽⁷⁾. ⁽⁸⁾. ⁽⁹⁾.